Saturday, October 9, 2010

Da Draws Part 1

This was a response Note to the responses i got from posting this particular face book update
"why do brothas always feel like they have to floss just to impress a girl? i don't get it. just be truthful from jump.. that's how you get the draws"
  • Obari Cartman the same reason women lie about thier appearance from drop. its all theater.
    Yesterday at 12:41pm · · 1 person
  • Justin Dillard Whtevr. Even whn we do tht yall are still always on some other type stuff. Nice guys finish last remember?
    Yesterday at 12:54pm · · 1 person
  • Auᚁ Mu Ra ‎| For some, it's all about the "Rooster Strut" or "Peacocking" until the truth is revealed. Either you're dope or not. In my estimation and experience most of y'all's [Yes, I said "y'all's"...and I do mean Sisters...] draws are attached to major heart/headaches anyway. Keep 'em on until you can come real and correct!
    10 hours ago ·
  • Justin Dillard ‎(Frank Lucus voice) My man!!!!!!!

I am so glad to get so many responses about this. This was definitely came from a vengeful and dark place that i do have against men who feel that they can impress me with foolishness so that they can get "da draws". But i realize that it is not their fault completely. I realize that we both/ men and women have a huge issue when trying to just relate to one another. We are so ready to blame the other for this misfortune. (look at the responses) Society has taught women & men that a man should do this, this, and this, and then maybe he can have "the draws", but if he does this, this and this. Then he shouldn't get "yo draws".
Amun Ra.. I agree totally with you about the draws and the heart attachment and that is because the womb and the heart are naturally attached, that is why women and men should be choosy about who they want to carry on their "heart/bloodline" meaning who they want to create the next generation with, because yes there are a lot of headaches that come along with that for both men and women.
Now as far as the "men be flossing" part my and "the women are on some other stuff" part: We are taught that in order to get the guy or the girl we have to fit in some box or some category of some sort..
Society teaches one thing.. and yo mama..or daddy if you have one may teach you another thing.
I just want women to basically see the difference between a guy trying to just "get the draws" and a guy looking for "his wife" and i would like for men to see the difference between a woman who is looking for" her husband" and a woman who is just trying to "get laid".
Every person is not clear about what they want. Lots and lots of people meet some one to "get to know them" but have no clue on why they want to get to know them. They don't have any pre-thought on what they want in a mate. They just meet people have sex with them and if it works out then it does and if it doesn't then it doesn't. Sort of like trial and error with no end result in mind. What i am saying is that if you don't go into a relationship knowing what needs you want to get out of it then it's only gone end up in "the draws", or a new baby mama/or daddy/ or a new drawsma.
The reason we are attracted to people is because we want to get the draws.. animal instincts, and bodily needs right (this can be conscious or subconscious)- The Law of Draws Attraction... thats right.. we are attracted to the draws.. both spiritual invisible draws and physical draws.
But what about beyond the draws? In order to attract someone beyond the draws you have to think beyond the draws, and that is where most are stuck. We can not think beyond "da draws".
The brother that i was referring to yesterday was a brother that was not thinking beyond "the draws", which is why i said the statement about the draws .. because that was the level that brother and a lot of brothers/sisters are on "da draws"..
I personally do not see a problem with that if you are being truthful to yourself.
In the past i have not been truthful with myself about "the draws".. because i wanted something deeper than the damn draws.. and have settled for the draws.
Now why did it do that? Simple answer.. i wanted something deeper than "da draws" and thought.. hey! maybe some magic may occur here and i might get more than the draws!....
People you have to set real intentions for relationships before you even meet the person. You have to have some idea of what you want first. If that shit is not in line then move on.. that is for both men and women.
I have so much more i could write on this subject... but i think that i will stop here and let you all respond honestly.. and I thank you for responding so honestly.

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  1. interesting topic. I agree with you there is definitely a difference between getting the draws and finding a mate. I also agree that wanting either out of a relationship is fine as long as people are honest with their partner AND honest with themselves.

    I think it's all about timing too. Where someone is at in their life journey. Sometimes a person, for whatever reason, is not ready for a meaningful relationship.

    There is just so many variables that go into this relationship thing!!!

    Lord help us all!!