Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Dropping the Ball"

I am now 30 and i have been doing a lot of self research and reflection.... like a mug. And believe me it has not all been pretty or beautiful. One of the factors I put down is that I wanted to become a better friend to others. Meaning I wanted to follow through better with not only my own goals but with responsibilities. I have been dealing with the fact that at times I work super hard, follow through on things, but then all of a sudden I will just like "drop the ball".  So I decided to type this blogg for people who tend to "drop the ball". 

When I am overwhelmed in my life I do not want to work. I just want to escape and do nothing but rest and pretend that whatever problems I have will go away if I simply ignore it. 
This is a common problem that most people have, but nothing will get doen if you rest. You won't accomplish your goals. You won't become a boss by ignoring issues. You have to learn how to face those issues and do something about the problems in the times that you feel overwhelmed or else you will continue to let yourself and those around down! Way Down! 

1. Of course you have to admit that there is a problem 
2. Find some sort of solution to that problem 
3. Develop a plan to get to that solution 
4. Face the orignal problem.. which led to you being overwhelmed 

It sounds simple right! But I say develop a self reflection process to help you! 
For example : Oh I am overwhelmed again, but 1, 2, 3 still need to get done. What is my back-up plan. 

Sometimes it is figuring out what maks us not "followthrough". Is it: 
1. fear 
2. laziness 
3. not wanting the responsibility 
4. we are too afraid to say "no", I can't do that right now. 
5. we don't want to look bad.. so so we get overwhelmed. 
6. Maybe you just don't have a passion for what you doing. (you hate your work)

In my case escaping and running away has always been the way that I have coped with things... for jobs to relationships, to friendships. It is my own way of dealing with my own emotional overload. I have had to learn that either way I am still letting down the people that I love, respect, and care about me. 
I had to ask myself the following questions. 
-What about leadership is scary 
-What is scary about success
-What is scary about responsibility
-Why don't you want to move forward? 

I had to eventually tell myself that I could no longer run away anymore. That I need to develop a plan where and go extra hard, even to my overwhelmed crazy state of mind moments and continue to  accomplish each step. 

I hope that this read inspires someone to move forward. 
Be blessed..
Live Free

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